Down Memory Lane – Pt.3


My first memory of enjoying watching the rainfall was when I was about 4 years old. It was a beautiful afternoon and seeing the clouds gathering in the sky, I rushed in to bring my small mattress and started to lay it on the ground at the doorstep of my home.I was excited and did not want to miss the rainfall.

The front door was left ajar so that I could look at the scene outside the house. I lay on the mattress with my hands on my cheeks and began to watch the little drops of water falling from the sky. They seemed magical while I felt safe and protected in my home. Rainfall has always fascinated me and when it started to grow heavier; I quickly got up to fold my mattress and ran into my room. The weather was cold and I was starting to get wet.

Years later, as I lay on my cot on the verandah of my hostel, I watched the rain again. This time it was a sunday afternoon and some of the girls had gone out. The hostel was quiet and peaceful. The building was located close to the beach. As beaches are, one can imagine the sand everywhere. The winds had blown very strongly earlier and picked up the sand to fly with them. Dark clouds were already gathering over the horizon. The trees were doing their own dance and bending ever so gracefully to touch the ground. They reminded me of how nature was prostrating to mother earth.

What a beautiful afternoon! I was feeling drowsy after lunch, but the scene outside the french window was too beautiful to turn away from. Slowly the rain started to fall, gently at first and then it grew heavier and heavier.

Oh Raindrops
Tears of the sky
or of the heart!

There were no tears in my eyes. I was happy, other than feeling homesick once in awhile. Many people love to take a nap when it rains, where else I have the tendency to feel all energized and excited. Here was a beautiful weekend and I had no cares in the world. I was lazing around relaxing and watching nature do its beautiful dance once more. Yes the dance of the rain with the earth.

The trees were swaying gently with the wind and the chirping of the birds nearby sounded like musical notes to my ears. I was blissfully enjoying the beauty of nature and all of a sudden images of the fishing folks living close by crossed my mind. The fishing village was situated very near our hostel ground. I felt a sadness overcome me. Here, I was enjoying the comfort of a roof over me and a safe place to stay. I felt protected and was kept warm by my blanket. I started thinking of them, living in their small huts on the beach very much nearer to the sea.

Ever so often we will hear of winds blowing off their roofs away. For some, the rain will fall through their broken roofs and they would be cold and wet inside. My eyes started to moisten with tears and I began to say a prayer for them.

Since then, every time it rained, a surge of gratitude would rise in my heart. I felt blessed that I had a roof over my head to protect me from the rain. My thoughts would go to all those who were homeless and were getting wet in the rain. I will remember the fishing folks living by the ocean. They would have to deal with the rain and the waves which might come to wash their huts away ……

Oh Raindrops…….
Tears of the Sky –
Or of the Heart!


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