Sanson Ki Mala Pe Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam ~~ On the garland of my breaths I have bejewelled my beloved’s name !

I came across this video and simply fell in love with it’s amazing lyrics… went searching to find out who could have penned  these words and not surprisingly, it is a bhajan by none other then the poet / saint Meera Bai….. and to listen to it sung by the legendry Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is a feast by itself.. What a precious gift !

Re blogging this post. What an amazing sight to watch and listen to the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Sanson Ki Mala Pe Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam [LYRICS & TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH]

by The Legend_Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Aa Piya In Nainan Mein

Jo Palk Dhamp Tohe Loon

Naan Mein Dekhoon Gair Ko

Naan Mein Tohe Dekhan Doon

O beloved arise inside my eyes

Let me hold you within

I will not see any other

Nor will I let you

Haath Chudawat Jaat Ho Jo Nir Mil Jaan Ke Mohe

Hirdai Main Se Jaon To Tab Main Janoon Tohe

Parting from my hands and abandoning without a union

Now try leaving my heart and I shall see you

Neel Gagan Se Bhi Pare

Saiya Ji Ka Gaon

Yet lovelier than blue skies

Is the village of your dwelling

Darshan Jaal Ki Kamna

Pat Rakheo Ri Ram

I yearn for his appearance

Listen to me! O Lord

Abb Kismat Ke Haath Hai

Iss Bandan Ki Laaj

Now it’s all in the hands of destiny

Nobility and respect of this union

Maine To Mann Likh Diya

Sawariya Ke Naam

I have inscribed myself

In the name of my beloved

Woh Chatar Hai Kamni

Woh Hai Sundar Nar

Iss Pagli Ne Kar Liya

Sajan Ka Mann Ram

He is a melodious bird

He is a magnificent man

This foolish girl has taken

The beloved’s heart as the Lord

Jab Se Radha Shaam Ke

Nain Hue Hain Char

Shaam Banne Hain Radhika

Radha Ban Gaye Shaam

Since Radha Shaam befell

My senses have become one

Shaam became Radhika

And Radha became Shaam

Sanson Ki Mala Pe

Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam

On the garland of my breaths 

I have bejewelled my beloved’s name

Sanson Ki Mala Pe

Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam

On the garland of my breaths 

I have bejewelled my beloved’s name

Sanson Ki Mala Pe

Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam

On the garland of my breaths 

I have bejewelled my beloved’s name

Apne Mann Ki Main Janoo

Aur Pi Ke Mann Ki Ram

I am aware of my inner self

And my beloved’s is known to my Lord

Yehi Meri Bandagi Hai

Yehi Meri Pooja

Now this is my devotion

And this is my prayer

Ik Ka Sajan Mandir Mein

Ik Ka Preetam Masjid Mein

One’s beloved is in a temple

And another’s in a mosque

Par Main Sanson Ki Mala Pe

Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam

But on the garland of my breaths 

I have bejewelled my beloved’s name

Ham Aur Nahi Kachu Kaam Ke

Matware Pi Ke Naam Ke

I am of no other purpose

But spellbound for my beloved’s name

Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam

I have bejewelled my beloved’s name

Prem Ke Raang Mein Aisi Doobi

Ban Gaya Ek Hi Roop

In the colours of love, I have become so absorbed

That everything appears to be of one reflection

Prem Ki Mala Japte Japte

Aap Bani Main Shaam

Collecting garlands of love

I have become Shaam

Preetam Ka Kuch Dosh Nahi Hai

Woh To Hai Nirdosh

It’s not the mistake of my beloved

And he is not to be blamed

Aapne Aap Se Batein Karke

Ho Gayee Main Badnaam

Talking to myself like an insane

I have got a bad name

Jeevan Ka Shingar Hai Preetam

Mang Pe Hai Sindoor

My beloved is the beautification of life

And also the vermilion in my hair

Preetam Ki Nazron Se Girr Karr

Jeena Hai Kis Kaam

When fallen in my beloved’s eyes

What use is living?

Sanson Ki Mala Pe

Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam

On the garland of my breaths 

I have bejewelled my beloved’s name

19 Replies to “Sanson Ki Mala Pe Simroon Main Pi Ka Naam ~~ On the garland of my breaths I have bejewelled my beloved’s name !”

  1. Its been a while since I heard this qawwali and I’m glad to find out who wrote it. Thank you for providing all the lyrics with the translation. I can never get enough of the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His voice, the passion and the emotion he sings with are enchanting.

  2. These words of Ameer Khusaro, a North Indian Sufi saint not Meera Bai.
    Secondly any lyrics with word are not scared Hindu chant, and anything word Allah is not Islamist. This is the greatness of Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb of this great country that all can co exist and be appreciated.

    Please widen horizon of your learning… DG renders no apologies…

    Desi Girl

    1. hey guys you both are right. just a bit misunderstanding.
      when nusrat saab sung this song as qawwali he sung first stanza (4 lines) from chaap tilak by amir khusro. but the song saanson ki mala is written by meerabai.

      and i think its great to see this type of songs which is written by hindu and sung and composed by muslim. music beyond countries and religions.

      and yeah Ekta you did good job 🙂

  3. One stanza is missing in your lyrics and meanings section:

    “Prem pyala jaba se piya hai, jeeta hai yeh haal,
    Angaron pe neend aa jaye, kaaton pe aaram”

    [A very literal (read: bad) translation would be as follows:

    “Since the moment I drank from the cup of love, such has been my (mental) state
    I do fall asleep on burning charcoal, and feel content even on thorns.]

  4. The late great Nusrat fateh Ali Khan , for me hes the greatest performer of all times.His performance connects me to the almighty,dont know if its Ram, Allah or Christ. I belive in all of them or i belive in none of them.
    Sunil Yadav, India

  5. All over it is written that the lyrics is from the saint, Meera bai. However I would like to add that nusrat fateh Ali khan has done more than justice to it by giving his divine voice to a such a divine lyrics. Additionally, this can only happen in India, definitely not in any country around it.

  6. i did not understand what the poem is of about?what does preetum means,?its directed towards Allah or some one else?
    If this poem is about LORD than this song is sung by Kavita Krishna in film Koyla ,Picturized on Madhuri and Madhuri loves shah rukh.So this means that We can relate this song towards Allah /God as well as To our human lovers.

    1. It is dedicated to Allah/Lord/Ram to whomever you believe your lord. Religion doesn’t matter, love matters. It is far beyond the love of human to human. It is all about the love of a devotee to his/her lord. That’s why the poet says : Ek ka sajan mandir mein, ek ka preetam (preetam = beloved, lover) masjid mein

  7. Thank you all for comments and sharing information. I have been mesmerised by the composition ever since I heard it. I am intrigued by the debate as to who wrote it. Usually Meera’s name appears in her bhajans. I don’t seem to have heard it in this composition. Does any one of you have any information about that.

    1. The message is amazing. Sung by the heart which is intoxicated in the love of the Beloved Lord ! he is called by various names, but is the same one and only beloved.

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