L. Shankar – Raga Aberi Music Of The World, 1995 Abheri Album

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.  ~Ludwig van Beethoven

The South Indian violin virtuoso, L. Shankar, presents a dazzling rendition of a traditional rag in untraditional terms. He plays in a rhythm cycle of 6 3/4 , beats, difficult enough to maintain, let alone be as musically creative as these three ( Zakir Hussain & Vikku Vinayakram ). The energy is consistently high, and there are a lot of solos by each musician, as well as deftly coordinated unison passages.

How do you even come up  with words to describe something so soulful and indescribable as such music created by some of the geniuses of the world….

One such musician is L. Shankar the violinist. Words fail miserably in describing his music . Sometimes silence seems to be the only answer….



5 Replies to “L. Shankar – Raga Aberi Music Of The World, 1995 Abheri Album”

  1. “Words fail miserably in describing his music.” How true! LS is the kind that walks the earth once every 400 years. I don’t think there is any known living/dead extempore(jazz/carnatic) musician in the last 400 years who can/could match his musical depth and prowess, be it in composition, creativity or rendition, the three pillars of a well-rounded musical genius. I’m saying this in spite of the fact that I hate to compare artists (musicians in particular, as I’m one). My dedication to LS:



  2. Hi,

    I am curious now. Have you heard of LS’ other albums? I have been listening to him and playing (the Ghatam, though I’m a trained mridangist) to his songs in the solitude of my room, since 2004. I love all his albums. In case you haven’t heard the others, do let me know. I can give you a list. 🙂 I have taken it upon myself to educate the world of LS’ music. He’s a genius the world should know of at all costs! He currently lives the life of a recluse somewhere in the US. I hope he comes over to New York so I can listen to him! In fact, this is one of the secret reasons why I opted to come to the US for my PhD(in physics). 😀


  3. Arun,
    I am a mridhangist (also play ghatam and kanjira) and fell in love with L Shankar’s music. I am in the East Coast. And I was wondering when was the last time L Shankar gave a live concert. On the other hand, his brother L Subramaniam is till actively giving concerts. I would travel anywhere to listen to L Shankar play on his double violin. I hope he reunites with John Mclaughlin, V Vinakaram, Selvaganesh and Zakir Hussein atleast for 1 concert.

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