The Flute

The Flute ~  Mira Bai

The song of the flute, O sister, is madness.
I thought that nothing that was not God could hold me,
But hearing that sound, I lose mind and body,
My heart wholly caught in the net.
O flute, what were your vows, what is your practice?
What power sits by your side?
Even Mira’s Lord is trapped in your seven notes …..

2 Replies to “The Flute”

  1. Really nice video! Thanks for sharing.
    I’m a violinist from Chennai and play a lof Carnatic fusion myself. I want to share my latest video which is a contemporary version of Mavyalakim

    Please listen in these songs and if you like it, do share them on your blog. I’m starting an outfit called Karthick Iyer Live and am spreading the word about it online. Being featured on a blog like yours would greatly help! 🙂


    1. Absolutely true Karthik! I too enjoy Manose’s music. It is absolutely divine. I heard your violin. Thank you for sharing it. It is lovely. I will definitely post it on my blog . I have already shared your link on my fb page. 🙂

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