flute tibet

I am a Pilgrim, another traveler like everyone else, in this journey of life. At every juncture we pause to take a breather and continue our journey. It is the same with me.

A life filled with happiness, joy and fun and also punctuated with sadness and tears. The amazing thing in our lives is, the wonderful ability given to us by nature to pick up after every fall and continue this journey. I am also fascinated  by the tenacity of the human spirit which is extremely astounding.

I find myself irresistibly drawn towards music.  Passionate about Indian classical music, especially Carnatic music.I prefer melodies when it comes to light music and understand that I am but just a drop of water in the ocean of music.

After a lapse of some years,  find myself trying to dabble with some writing again…

I started out with my blog at http://ekta57.blogspot.com/


12 Replies to “About”

  1. I am very glad for this, Ekta. I try to keep my life as fluid as possible, so that I am constantly keeping myself open to the syncronicity of each moment. In this way, it no longer surprises me when people share how things happen at exactly the right time. That is the beauty of existence – and a testament to the intrinsic lack of chaos in nature.

    Nothing is random, everything has purpose. The moment you make a choice, the entire universe re-alligns itself.

    I hope your new choices leads you to some beautiful and educating experiences.

  2. Thank your for your encouraging words Vajrakrishna. I enjoy reading your blog and learn a lot.

    New horizons keep opening up as I go on questioning and searching….. It is quite amazing that there is so much to be understood and learned. It just makes me feel awed.

  3. Truly humbled by your comment Jnaneshwar…. am glad that you enjoy coming here. Welcome and please continue giving your support and comments . Thank you! 🙂

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