Bombay Jayshree


It has been ages since I wrote on my blog. Somehow one thing lead to another and time has passed by so quickly.

Listened to this piece by Bombay Jayshree and am touched by the expression and words of this song. “Pozhuluthu  mighavachude”

JAgadodharana Fusion

Jagadodharana – A composition by Purandara Dasa. This fusion piece is sung by Bombay Jayshree and is incredibly soothing to the ears and soul! Bombay Jayshree is one of the many talented musicians of Carnatic Music.

Purandara Dasa (1484 – 1564) also known as the father of Carnatic Music, a classical music form of South India, systematized the method of teaching Carnatic music which is followed to the present day.

Purandara Dasa was the first composer to include comments on ordinary daily life in song compositions. He used elements of colloquial language for his lyrics. He introduced folk ragas into the mainstream, setting his lyrics to tunes/ragas of his day so that even a common man could learn and sing them.

Purity of heart, devotion to God, and compassion towards all living beings formed the core of Purandaradasa’s philosophy. A householder’s life was no impediment to spiritual progress, as his own life was an example. According to him, mere accumulation of knowledge, repetition of formulas and observance of rituals are worthless if the heart is not pure. Equally useless is the wrangling over the “nature” of God.