“Lockdown” 9th April 2020

Little Drops Of Water Make A Mighty Ocean
Little drops in the ocean


I could not sleep the whole night. The longer I kept awake, the more news I was gathering. The more news I was reading, the more depressed I was getting. That kept me awake, like a vicious cycle…. feeling sad and depressed. People affected by this pandemic is growing day by day into more then a million and a half so far. I cannot imagine the number of people infected by the coronavirus and more depressing is the number of deaths .

No one could have imagined such a state we have come to . The numbers are not simply numbers on the screen or board ! These are human lives like you and me. No reason for these people to die like this. This is how pandemics have been throughout history. Wars, famines, diseases. But from what our generation can gather, we have not had a first hand experience of such nature.

Wars were fought by soldiers and in some far off land. Well, Tsunamis caused nearly this much havoc, but not in every country in the world. We seemed to have been doomed to all these catastrophic occurrences on and off. Yet we have not learned to live consciously recognizing the vulnerability of life on this earth. … Reminds me of the Mahabharata. Similar incidents took place. When we read all these historical events, one thing is common.

Man seems not to have changed. The basic qualities which started off for survival, has metamorphosed into a complicated and advanced level of dealing with each other and the world at large. Man has always fallen due to his ego and greed. Somehow we have not learnt our lessons looking at our history. Nothing seems to be different. The only difference will be that due to the growth of technology we have become more advanced in the way we react and act out the same things. It’s like history is repeating itself again and again. In these trying times, what have we learned ?

Have we learned to be empathetic ? Have we learned not to harm animals ? Have we learned not to rape the forests ? Have we learned not to harm each other ? Have we learned not to be racists and clannish ? Have we learned not to be greedy ? Ego and Greed have been our greatest downfall in our journey.

Have we not learned that we are no different from the next person ? Have we learned to see each other as ourselves ? Have we learned to share what we have with each other?Have we learned that our lives are ultimately fragile and mortal ? Have we learned that each breath that comes into us is not by our doing ? Have we learned that when the breath decides to stop, we have no power in the whole universe to stop it.

When will we learn that we are just a drop in the ocean. ? That every drop is the same as the other drop in the ocean. That every drop came together to become the ocean. And this ocean exists because of these each individual drops. These drops in fact merge within each other to form this vast ocean.

These drops are not different from each other. That you and I are not different. That you and I are the same. We are the same drop from the same ocean . When that is realized and understood, then ego, greed, hate, anger, jealousy, fear and all these negative traits won’t exist for that drop.

That drop recognizes that it is the only one existing in this vast ocean.

(By Reflections of a Pilgrim)

A Woman finding herself …..

Ekta25's Blog

She is a woman, finding her own space and place  in this  ever changing world.
One more human being, discovering herself,
 each day a new beginning – a new awakening .
Loving, emotional, temperamental, moody, passionate ….
and trusting.  Desperately trying to be honest in the midst of  a world filled with greed and selfishness.
Someone who gets  easily attached to people emotionally ….
One trait that she knows that she needs to change so as not to get hurt
But  then, she also knows that she has  her other side  too.
Stubborn,  fiercely independent, wanting to break away from all the norms,
society has placed before her .
Sometimes she may even appear to be a little rebellious and arrogant  ….
Others may merely view her as a woman of respect and quiet in demeanor strictly adhering to the norms of society….
But only she knows…

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Nothing is Static


Nothing is static…

Everything is changing constantly.

No one can be static even if they wanted to.

Each moment in time is perfect.

Being in the moment and appreciating it.

This moment won’t come back ever,

Nor will it ever be the same again.

One day we will be left with only memories.

Even at that moment,

We will have to be in that moment of time.

But when we have the privilege of looking back,

Let those moments be moments of sweet memories….


Getting in touch within

It is not about fixing things around us.

It is about getting in touch with the peace within us.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that it is the other way around. All our lives we have been taught that to solve our problems, we have to focus on getting things right on the outside. We think that things will be perfect when we start to fix things around us. We fail to realize that most of the time as we clear up something, something else gets messed up.

We presume that everything will work out fine so long as we we keep solving our problems around us. But somehow each time we fix something, another thing pops up waiting to be fixed or solved.

Each time we fill one pothole, another pothole crops up. Each time we are satisfied that we have achieved something, another desire or goal arises to be fulfilled. Each time we think we have got what we had wanted, there is one more thing that we want.

When I get in touch with the peace within me, things change miraculously !  Everything may or may not remain the same on the outside. But my feelings, my perspective, my state of mind takes a complete U turn…  I no longer feel the frustration, anger and sadness that I had felt before.

The magic lies in this simple turning of my consciousness from the outside to the inside, even for a short period of time constantly … When I get in touch with that peace within me, it also embraces me in it’s arms. I too take on the shade of the colour of peace and clarity …

Real freedom is not when I free myself from external forces, but when I free myself from the clutches of my mind .

Then I can deal with the problems around me, not coming from a place of confusion, anger and frustration but  from a place of peace, clarity and tranquillity.


The Pot

I dissolve to recreate, I shatter to become whole again, I change to progress, I let go to grow, I forgive to move on, I lose to find myself and I love to finally find my peace !

The pot needs to be broken again and again to recreate itself. For it to become a bigger one, It needs to lose the older one. The act is of  preparing itself to carry more .  And so do I. I too need to constantly break free of my older chains and concepts.  And also ideas of what is, what I have been, what I believed in and what I have been chained by or to.  

I used to feel fearful of the breaking of the pot. I need not fear any more. I imagined that the breaking will be painful. But I recognize now, that it is for my own good and  growth . I finally realize that this is the natural process, . I cannot hold on to the breaking of the pot.  It will happen automatically in due time.  That is it’s nature.  And the outcome on the contrary to what everyone believes in,  is not of pain or suffering, but of understanding, compassion and love…




How I long to untangle  for a moment ….


To break loose of all the chains binding me,

shackles in my mind of years of conditioning.

And to fly over the mountain tops like a bird.

looking down reveling in the beauty of the  valleys….


To feel the wind play with my hair  wildly,

and the soft breeze kiss my cheeks ever so gently,

To chase pretty butterflies across the fields,

and lay down on the grass totally carefree….


To ride a bicycle right into a pool of water,

to fall down and laugh to my heart’s delight.

To watch the sunset  over the horizon,

Lying down at the edge of the sea ….


To chase little crabs on the  sands of the beaches,

while  avoiding getting wet by her waves.

Then to fall into the waves of  the sea ,

allowing  it to carry me into it’s embrace….


To relish to my hearts delight,

chocolates and ice creams without any guilt.

To listen to all the music my heart longs for,

and to dance to my very own rhythm ….


Then to look up into the dark skies at night,

at the silent moon smiling at me ,

To lay in the arms of  my   lover,

And be totally lost in love forever ….


To  go beyond my goods and bads,

beyond my perceptions of rights and wrongs.

To abandon my prim and proper self recklessly,

And to untangle  for a moment ….