I was listening to a Ghazal by Hariharan -‘JHOOM LE’ a beautiful ghazal from the Ghazal Album Kaash. Hariharan’s soulful music never fails to amaze me. I am not so familiar with Ghazals , but this one surely makes me feel the peace and tranquility.

Musical notes dance if we can watch them. Some go to watch a dance to watch the movements in the dance. I consider the notes – swaras of music themselves performing a dance. They twist and turn and slide and glide.

Swaras themselves are so expressive that each note has its own bhava, its own distinctive character and grace. It also depends on the performer, who will be able to bring out the best of the notes. Be it a vocalist or instrumentalist. If we can watch the fluid movements of these notes, we will truly understand the meaning of dance itself!

What wonder to be mesmerized by music and her greatest gift, her musicians!  What astounding creators they are! They create such emotions in a person. Good music fills you up completely but at the same time leaves you with a longing for more.

And then to listen to this beautiful rendition of “Krishna nee begane baro” of this great vocalist, Hariharan, you can literally see the notes dancing.



inner harmonyinner harmony
inner harmony

There is Disharmony

Disharmony between humans,

Disharmony between humans and nature,

Disharmony between religions,

Disharmony between cultures,

Disharmony between genders.

We find so much of agitation, anger, hatred and vengeance surrounding us. Every morning we wake up to read more news of pain and suffering in the lives of people all over the world.

We are bombarded with news of   killings, terrorism and other calamities taking place everywhere. Some conveniently decide to ignore the tragedy and misfortune happening to others considering it as destiny. Others take it upon themselves to complain and do nothing about it while a few resort to deal with the problems with violence.

As individuals, we may think that we can’t change what is happening around us. But we are totally mistaken. We have the choice to bring about a positive change in our own lives and bring about a change in the relationships with people around us. As life coach Mike Jaffe says, “It is designing your life the way you want it to be so that life just doesn’t “happen” to you”.

We have the possibility to lead a more harmonious life and together as a society, we can change the state of the world. Change begins with the individual. Change does not happen when we wait for someone else to bring about it. What starts as a change in the life of an individual human being can then lead to a global change.