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I am not an expert in commenting on dance. But came across this video when I was searching for the song Venkatachala Nilayam. Very beautifully sung by Vijay Prakash. Loved the opening scene which somehow captivated my attention. Sharing this  divine video. Vijay Prakash is an awesome singer, he produces such bhavam in his singing… […]


Oh…. How I long to untangle  for a moment …. ~~~ To break loose of all the chains binding me, shackles in my mind of years of conditioning. And to fly over the mountain tops like a bird. looking down reveling in the beauty of the  valleys…. ~~~ To feel the wind play with my hair  wildly, […]

The Spectacular Raghunath Manet

While surfing for music and Kalakshetra, found the incredible Raghunath Manet. I never fail to feel amazed by such great personalities, who have put so much of love and passion in their work. One look at his perfomances would tell us of the immense love of the arts he has. Raghunath Manet brought me memories […]


Many people have many explanations about what dance is. The most remarkable explanation that I have ever heard was from my Teacher, Prem Rawat. These are not his exact words but this is what he meant. True dance takes place when the heart is filled with such joy that it cannot contain itself and the […]

Down Memory Lane – Pt.2

FROM “REFLECTIONS OF A PILGRIM”- MY OTHER BLOG – Kalakshetra is synonymous with Rukmini Arundale. Fondly called athai by every one around her, one cannot imagine Kalakshetra without her. We used to be in awe of her. She set up Kalakshetra which provided an institutional setting for the students of music and dance. Here she […]