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Nothing is Static

Nothing is static… Everything is changing constantly. No one can be static even if they wanted to. Each moment in time is perfect. Being in the moment and appreciating it. This moment won’t come back ever, Nor will it ever be the same again. One day we will be left with only memories. Even at […]

The Dream

FROM “REFLECTIONS OF A PILGRIM”- MY OTHER BLOG – One morning I found myself waking up from a dream. As dreams are, this was so real that I could continue feeling the dream even after I woke up. It was so incredibly real that it took me a while to realize that it was just […]

A Woman finding herself …..

She is a woman, finding her own space and place  in this  ever changing world. One more human being, discovering herself,  each day a new beginning – a new awakening . ~~ Loving, emotional, temperamental, moody, passionate …. and trusting.  Desperately trying to be honest in the midst of  a world filled with greed and […]


I woke up this morning with the remembrance of my grandfather. For the first time in my life, I shed tears in his memory and symbolically touched his feet with my heart. I have not thought of him often, because I have only met him once. He fell ill and wanted to see us all, […]


Oh…. How I long to untangle  for a moment …. ~~~ To break loose of all the chains binding me, shackles in my mind of years of conditioning. And to fly over the mountain tops like a bird. looking down reveling in the beauty of the  valleys…. ~~~ To feel the wind play with my hair  wildly, […]

I Could…If They Would ~ Mattie Stephanek

‎”We must always remember to play after every storm.”…. ~ Mattie Stepanek I remembered one of his poem which I am sharing here.   To  you Mattie, wherever you are…. I pray that all your wishes and dreams come true.   You may not be here physically anymore. You left this world in such a […]

Row, Row, Row your boat……..

“Row… Row… Row your boat, Gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream” This is a nursery rhyme most of us would have sung when we were kids. I too continued to sing it to my children when they were young. I never paused even once to understand the meaning of […]