A Woman finding herself …..

She is a woman, finding her own space and place  in this  ever changing world.
One more human being, discovering herself,
 each day a new beginning – a new awakening .
Loving, emotional, temperamental, moody, passionate ….
and trusting.  Desperately trying to be honest in the midst of  a world filled with greed and selfishness.
Someone who gets  easily attached to people emotionally ….
One trait that she knows that she needs to change so as not to get hurt
But  then, she also knows that she has  her other side  too.
Stubborn,  fiercely independent, wanting to break away from all the norms,
society has placed before her .
Sometimes she may even appear to be a little rebellious and arrogant  ….
Others may merely view her as a woman of respect and quiet in demeanor strictly adhering to the norms of society….
But only she knows herself  to be this other  person ….
longing to  be released  from this capsule surrounding her  …
Someone who has been conditioned over the years by society with it’s usual code of conducts and morals.
She can be shy and bold at the same time..
And  may suddenly come out of  her shell and reveal her innermost feelings,
or withdraw herself  within totally, unable to express what  she  truly feels.
Someone  longing  to be released  from the chains tied around her .
She wants to taste the  liberty of freedom,
yet knows deep down, it’s limitations too.
She is both black and white and all the hues in between,
 Finding herself strange and  complicated, sometimes she smiles to  herself .
People  may find her a little outrageous at times,
when she allows them a glimpse of her other rebellious side.
Sometimes, surprising herself , she throws away all her fears and  inhibitions surrounding her.
Breaking away like a butterfly from it’s cocoon,
to spread her wings, she experiences little glimpses of paradise at times .
A woman who loves her  freedom, and wants to feel the flight…
She is  constantly evolving, changing, growing,
Learning, unlearning, releasing and holding .
Just as a fluid  she flows …
Discovering the many splendors, life has to offer her !
A woman,  on her very own journey finding  herself….

The Cage…….

The bird sits alone in this beautiful cage,

made of gold and silver and adorned,

with the most precious of all gems…


Delicacies are fed and music  played,

loving words are whispered in its ears,

many come to see and admire her beauty….


Lost in all the pomp and glory ,

the bird begins to enjoy the comfort and attention,

hours go by into days and days into years….


Somewhere deep within a longing begins,

a gentle longing of wanting to stretch,

a longing to fly and feel the wind  ….


Gently she tries to stretch her wings.

and remembers her freedom days,

flying alone with no care in the world…


The longing gets intense and stronger,

and the ache gets more painful,

but a thought comes overpowering….


She is but  just a  little bird,

housed in this beautiful cage,

and all she could do is to go on wishing ……


One day the door is left opened,

and excitedly she comes out quickly,

stretches her  wings to fly…..


she tried to flap her wings,

and takes a few steps,

but feels  herself fall back…..


her wings have been clipped !


walks  back into the cage

with a heavy heart,

and looks beyond at the sky,


a drop of tear falls from her eyes….