Many people have many explanations about what dance is. The most remarkable explanation that I have ever heard was from my Teacher, Prem Rawat. These are not his exact words but this is what he meant.

True dance takes place when the heart is filled with such joy that it cannot contain itself and the body starts to move to the rhythm of the joy.

When the heart dances out of joy, the body starts to move and Real Dance happens. Otherwise everything else is just another form of exercise or movement of the limbs and body.

We would have found ourselves at some time in our lives, to have got up to dance when we felt real heartfelt joy. I have done that sometimes when I listened to some exceptionally beautiful music which invoked a joy and jubilation in my heart that all I could do was dance to its rhythm.


inner harmonyinner harmony

One of the laws which govern the universe is the Law of Attraction.The law of Attraction says:Thoughts become Things.To many this can be unbelievable, but undoubtedly it is true in its nature.

What we constantly think about will inevitably materialize into things. That is the power of thought. If we are constantly in a state of anger, hatred and frustration, we will find ourselves confronted with negative situations filled with anger and frustration. On the contrary if we are in a state of love, forgiveness and harmony, we will find that the environment surrounding us will change to become peaceful and harmonious.

One of the ways of living harmoniously is by following the principles of Ahimsa. Ahimsa or non-injury, of course, implies non-killing. But, non-injury is not merely non-killing. In its comprehensive meaning, Ahimsa or non-injury means abstinence from causing any pain or harm whatsoever to any living creature, either by thought, word, or deed. Mahatma Gandhi was a strong advocate of Ahimsa. We saw the change he brought about in India and since then in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Ahimsa is not mere negative non-injury. It is positive Cosmic Love. It is the development of a mental attitude in which hatred is replaced by Love. Ahimsa is True Sacrifice. Ahimsa is Forgiveness. Ahimsa is Power. Ahimsa is True Strength.

Ahimsa is not mere negative non-injury. It is positive Cosmic Love. It is the development of a mental attitude in which hatred is replaced by Love. Ahimsa is True Sacrifice. Ahimsa is Forgiveness. Ahimsa is Power. Ahimsa is True Strength.

People resort to violence because they believe that violent methods bring quick results. This is an expression of disharmony. Violence brings about many calamities which will eventually become irreversible. Violence is nothing other than an absence of peace.

Somewhere along the way we come to learn in our journey of life, that we alone and none others are the creators of our destiny. By practicing the principles of Ahimsa we will inevitably attract like a magnet, all positive circumstances in our lives via the signal we are emitting through our thoughts and feelings.

When we in our lives, have the courage to take small steps, working towards our goal of   attracting the positive aspects in life, our lives too will become enhanced with Joy, Happiness, Love and Harmony. We will truly see a change happening around us in the world. We will then see a Peaceful, Just and Harmonious Society.


inner harmonyinner harmony
inner harmony

There is Disharmony

Disharmony between humans,

Disharmony between humans and nature,

Disharmony between religions,

Disharmony between cultures,

Disharmony between genders.

We find so much of agitation, anger, hatred and vengeance surrounding us. Every morning we wake up to read more news of pain and suffering in the lives of people all over the world.

We are bombarded with news of   killings, terrorism and other calamities taking place everywhere. Some conveniently decide to ignore the tragedy and misfortune happening to others considering it as destiny. Others take it upon themselves to complain and do nothing about it while a few resort to deal with the problems with violence.

As individuals, we may think that we can’t change what is happening around us. But we are totally mistaken. We have the choice to bring about a positive change in our own lives and bring about a change in the relationships with people around us. As life coach Mike Jaffe says, “It is designing your life the way you want it to be so that life just doesn’t “happen” to you”.

We have the possibility to lead a more harmonious life and together as a society, we can change the state of the world. Change begins with the individual. Change does not happen when we wait for someone else to bring about it. What starts as a change in the life of an individual human being can then lead to a global change.

Poem by Rumi

You are filled with God’s glow.
It radiates out pure sparking light
making you appear as a mystical flower.
So why the sad face?
You have a bonfire of happiness within.
Why don’t you immerse your heart
in its blissful sweetness?
Do you still think it’s outside?
Listen, my friend,
the gold mine of all gold mines
is underfoot.
Won’t you feel foolish
when you discover
your father has bequeathed
immense wealth?
All your wandering and begging
has brought you naught.
Come sit by the fire
and feel it’s warmth.
Let’s drink wine
and look at the moon
until we become mad with joy.


Life is but a dream…..


Row… Row… Row your boat,

Gently down the stream,

Merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream

This is a nursery rhyme most of us would have sung when we were kids. I too continued to sing it to my children when they were young. Not did I ever once pause to understand the meaning of this simple rhyme.

I guess I do take a while to comprehend certain things. Not certain, but most things. Isn’t this message amazing and profound? How many of us take things so  seriously, that we forget to enjoy life itself. Everything around us becomes so pressing and demanding that we hardly stop to ask ourselves whether this is really important.

Should I give so much priority for things that could have been allowed to have been ignored? Do I need to get so involved with all the actions I perform everyday that I forget to feel that I am alive. It takes someone’s death to remind me how vulnerable I am. I am reminded of the dreamlike state of this life. That death is a certainty!

This simple poem reminds me once more that I need to row my boat gently. Yes, gently down this stream of life. My boat is extremely fragile. I can’t allow it to rock too much lest I get drowned. At the same time it reminds me that this life is only a dream, so I need to row this boat of mine cheerfully too. At the end of the day, I too will become a dream……….