Aaj jaane ki zid na karo ~ Amazing Urdu Poetry……

Rohini Ravada and Shankar Tucker  ~  “Aaj Jaane ki Zid Na Karo”

Aaj jaane ki zid na karo 
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving
Yunhi pehlu mein bethey raho
Sit here close to me
Haaye mar jaayein ge 
I will die
Hum to lutt jaayein ge
I will be lost
Aisi baatein kiya na karo 
Don’t say such things
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo 
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving

Tumhi socho zara 
Just ponder for a second
kyu’n na rokein tumhey 
Why shouldn’t I stop you?
jaan jaati hai jab uth ke jaatey ho tum
When my life leaves every time you go
tum ko apni qasam jaan-e-jaa’n 
I swear to you, my love
baat itni meri maan lo 
Listen to my one request
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving

Waqt ki qaed mein zindagi hai magar 
Life is trapped in time’s prison but
chand gharriya’n yahi hain jo aazaad hain 
These are the few moments that are free
inko khho kar kaheen jaan-e-jaa\’n 
By losing them, my love
umr bhar na tarastey raho 
Don’t start a life of regret
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo 
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving

Kitna masoom aur rangeen hai yeh sama
How innocent and colorful is the weather
husn aur ishq ki aaj me\’raj hai
It is the reign of beauty and love
kal ki kis ko khabar jaan-e-jaa\’n 
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
rok lo aaj ki raat ko
Let’s stop this night right here
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo 
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving






In Memory of Smt. Rajeshwari Padmanabhan ~ (1939-2008)

The Yajnavalkya Smriti mentions: 

“Veena vadhana tathvangna sruti, jathi, visartha talanjaaprayasena moksha margam niyachathi” 

(“The one who is well versed in veena, one who has the knowledge of srutis and one who is adept in tala, attains salvation without doubt.”)

August 15 th 2008 is an unforgettable day to me. This was the day Smt. Rajeshwari my guru left her mortal body. I haven’t kept in touch  nor seen her  for many years, but her memory is still freshly etched in my mind. Nostalgic thoughts of her still keep recurring. To me she will always remain a very special and beautiful person. The one and only Rajeshwari teacher…..

The passing away of  Rajeshwari teacher  came in as a shock. Even though you know that everyone has to go some day, every time we hear of someone passing away especially if the person happens to be someone you have known leaves a feeling of loss. A motherly figure, she was someone who was gentle at the same time a strict disciplinarian. She was my teacher 30 yrs ago. She is amazing as always. I cried listening to a recording of her on the veena.  Her music will always bring nostalgic memories . 

Rajeshwari teacher was a very modest person who rarely revealed what she possesed. One has to watch her play the veena to realize what a talent she carried. We have lost a musician of par excellence. It is rare to find someone like her. My prostrations to the great legend our Rajeshwari teacher. More of her music should become available to the public.


The Dream


One morning I found myself waking up from a dream. As dreams are, this was so real that I could continue feeling the dream even after I woke up. It was so incredibly real that it took me a while to realize that it was just a dream.

The moment I woke up, I remembered the story of Ashtavakra and King Janaka. This is the story of how once King Janaka had a dream. In his dream he was attacked by some neighboring kings and he lost his kingdom. He found himself being chased into the jungle and desperate for his life, he kept running.

Then King Janaka found himself hungry and tired. Looking around, he saw a hut in the distance and decided to go there to ask for some food. On reaching the hut, he found an elderly person who offered him some rice and dhall and he was left alone to prepare his own meal.

Hungry and exhausted, King Janaka walked to a nearby clearing in the forest and with much difficulty, prepared some kichadi (a soft mixture of rice and dhall )of some sort with the ingredients given and lay it on some grass to cool the hot food. Just as he was going to take his first mouth, he sees 2 wild boars running his way and they trample on his food which was on the ground. Giving up all hope, tired and hungry, his heart heavy and dejected King Janaka started to weep.

He weeps piteously, and tears roll down his cheeks. When the cool tears touches his cheeks he wakes up and finds himself in his palace, lying on his comfortable bed, being fanned by 2 beautiful girls standing near him.

The dream affects the King so much, that he calls all his ministers and advisors to explain the dream to him. Many come from far and near to give an explanation to his dream. Some say that, that was a dream and due to his good karma, he was saved from a life of poverty and it came only as a dream. Many came and gave various interpretations of their own to his dream. No answer was able to satisfy King Janaka and he offered the kingdom as a gift, if someone could interpret his dream. He also proclaimed that if the person could not give him a satisfactory answer, they will be put in jail.

No one was able to satisfy King Janaka . One day, Ashtavakra (a small boy) whose father was imprisoned by the King approaches him. He walks into the court of King Janaka and finds all those seated there laughing in jest of him. Ashtavakra – some one who’s body is deformed and crooked in eight places. Ashta meaning 8 and Vakra meaning twisted, walks towards the king with confidence.

He asks the king, “Why are you having shoe- makers in your court oh King ?” The King and all those in the court of the palace were shocked to hear a small and ugly looking boy uttering such arrogant words. All the ministers in the court become angry and start shouting at the boy. The king silencing the courtiers, looked at Ashtavakra and asked him the reason for his question. Ashtavakra without fear said, “Oh King! Only shoe makers judge a skin for its leather. They identify the leather from its quality and kind”.

“Here, I find your court filled with shoe-makers, who are only judging me by my skin and form. Hence I called them all shoe-makers” said the little boy. The court became silent and the King was taken aback by the wisdom of a child as such. Then the boy asks the King what he wanted to know. The king related his dream to Ashtavakra and asked his interpretation of the dream.

Ashtavakra, without any hesitation asked the King, “What were you having with you in your dream oh King?” The King recalled remembering holding a begging bowl. Ashtavakra asked where the bowl was now. The King said that he did not have it with him anymore. Ashtavakra then said to the King that, it was only a dream and hence he was not able to bring the bowl with him. This satisfied the King and then the little boy, looking around the huge palace sees the paintings of King Janaka’s ancestors.

He asks the King who they are and where they are now. King Janaka tells him that they were his ancestors, who lived before him and now they are no more. Then the boy asked the King, who this kingdom belonged to. The King said that the kingdom belonged to his fore-fathers and now that they are no more, it belonged to him now. Then Ashtavakra asked the king, “why did they not take the kingdom with them when they went?” King Janaka tells him that, now that they have died, they could not take anything with them from this world.

Then the boy asked the King who’s kingdom this was now. The King replied that it belonged to him. Ashtavakra asked the King whether he would take the kingdom with him when he dies. King Janaka said that he could not do so. Ashtavakra looking at the king said, “since you cannot take anything with you from here, Oh King! Then this too is a dream.!”


Kandukondein kandukondein – Harmonize Projekt 2


Very unique and hats off to the Harmonize Projekt members!

From what I gather,  this is a description of them :

‘Harmonize Projekt’ is  a capella group that in harmony brings together the very elements of music. The gentle flow of the humanness in the voice along with other imitations and harmonies rolls out beautifully like a landscape.

A purely acoustic setup, backed gently by soft percussions and warm strokes of the shakers and a tap here and there,  they  go right from tranquil somethings to popular sings by The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Broadway hits to AR Rahman, Ilayaraja and more.

Relax and enjoy listening to this number …..