Reality !

Rivers flow enjoying their journey through smooth and rough terrains. Waterfalls exhibit themselves in their glorious beauty. Lakes remain peaceful and calm. The ocean captures our attention in it’s splendorous form.

Yet the essence is the same. They all come from the same source. We project them as different, failing to recognize the similarity in nature. Human tendency is to perceive everything as different entities.

In our deeest ignorance we want everything to fall into the same box of our concept. In fulfilling that process, we work relentlessly to change, distort and create an identical image of everything. Not recognising the fact that the river, the waterfall, the lake and the Oceon are admired and enjoyed by man due to their individuality and uniqueness.

Water is the ingredient in such varied forms. Why should you accept what I believe in? Why should you feel and think like me ? In our absolute ignorance, we want others to love, feel, think and believe the same way.

Only when we can go beyond our small and unenlightened minds can we break out from the prison of ignorance.. Then we understand that they are all simply the same water in its glory and beauty playing it’s very own significant and unique role in this vast universe. Then we come to understand that we are the same One in different forms. We need to accept and respect each and every thing in the creation.🧡


From Within

The waves rise up from within the ocean,
And fall back to rest in the ocean.
Questions stem up from within me,
And the answers too come from within me.
I arise from within me,
And I go back to rest in me.



Painting by Kaushalya Saabs

“You know, we don’t even understand what to appreciate. We think we should appreciate our dog; we should appreciate our cat; we should appreciate our donkey; we should appreciate…. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t; of course you should.)

But in life, there are some deeper things that are inside of you that you should also appreciate. So, appreciate this breath that comes into you. Appreciate this existence that you have. Appreciate every day that you’re alive.

Now, these may sound really, really simple things to you—but I tell you one thing; it’s a real challenge to do so. It is a real challenge because our training is not for that. Our training is to appreciate, “Look outside.”

From the very young age that we were babies, when the mother wanted to distract us because we were crying or something like that, a toy, something that made noise, or something—and it’s like, “Lookey-lookey, look at this! Look at this! (Forget about what you’re feeling; look at this.) Look at this. This is more important.”

Has it stopped since then? Now we’re not babies anymore, perhaps. We are adults; we do things—but, has that stopped? No, again—now it’s not the mother bringing these things to us. But now we bring these things to us: distractions—from? Appreciation of what is.

This life is. And it is the most magnificent gift that you will ever have. Every breath is priceless. Every moment, every day, every today that you receive is priceless—and its value and its importance to you, now….

And as I explained, what is that “now”—now is where your actions are going to take place, which will then have consequences for you, either good consequences or bad consequences. This is what’s going on. And if you have no appreciation for that, then you’re missing out on a whole part of your existence—that you’re just not even paying attention to it, because there is no appreciation of that.

So, appreciation, as simple as it sounds, it’s not quite like drinking a milkshake—because you have to see those things. And those things are so hidden from us—not because they are—but we have hidden them from us because we have brought in other things that we are so used to looking at.

And now it’s a question of refocusing and finding those things that we can truly appreciate in our lives, that mean something to us from within—not from a trained idea, not from a trained definition, not from a trained, you know, (again and again and again), “This is how you should be; this is how you should be….”

Not appreciation of that—but appreciation of those things that are simple, that are profound, and that are so yours that they’re amazing.”

Excerpts from Prem Rawat. – Lockdown Day 40.

Celebration of Life

GLOBAL GEAR I Remix Edit I Preview version Music Album – Veena in Vienna (By PUNYA SRINIVAS) Music Track – Global GearGlobal Gear from Veena in Vienna Punya Srinivas Music by Stephen Devassy

This is one of the most mesmerizing music I have come across and since day one, I have been searching for Punya Srinivas’s “Global gear” Veena in Vienna. Music composition by Global Gear from Veena in Vienna Punya Srinivas and music by Stephen Devassy. Today I found this video on you tube, a remix album with such beautiful and befitting visuals. Shows Life as it is . People from all walks of life, living, working, playing… The string which joins us all in this rosary of life….. I call this the “Celebration of Life”

The Seeds of Peace

“If you’re not spending any time to sow the seeds of peace in your life—and you wonder, “Why don’t I have peace,” well, that’s because you never sowed any seeds.” — Prem Rawat “

Greatest Wonder

And what is the greatest wonder?

“Each day, death strikes and we live as though we were immortal. This is what is the greatest wonder in this world “. ~ Mahabharata

ஆச்சிரியம் (Tamil) आश्चर्य (Hindi)