Farewell Michael Jackson!

Music is like an ocean and Michael Jackson was one of her greatest waves to rise high. – Michael was a true gift indeed. All controversies aside, as a true musician, he was someone who brought so much joy to the people who came in touch with his music.

Watching the memorial service for Michael Jackson was truly emotional. There was joy and sorrow joined together. It was a befitting memorial for a wonderful human being. The ceremony was somber, peaceful and filled with so much of contained emotions. The eulogies by those who spoke about him were indeed touching and genuine.

To me music is something special. All her musicians are special gifts. Few can have the talent that MJ had. Watching him perform as a child, in fact puts one in awe of his talent and versatility. Where did he get this enormous ability from? He never failed to amaze millions around the world.pall

The memorial made me smile, cry and laugh. Remembering his songs and watching people come out to give tributes to this person who tried in his own ways to bring people together. He spoke about the unity and reminded us that we are the world, we are the children. We are no different from each other. Such profound message which I hope would be adapted in our lives.

While MJ the wave was in his splendor, the world witnessed such joy and love from his music. Now the wave has gone back to the ocean to rest. May he rest in peace, knowing that he did break some barriers and in his own ways did bring the world a little closer.

Remebering Michael Jackson

Now that Michael Jackson is no more, I guess many people will be trying to come to terms with this news. Whether we like it or not, MJ would have made an impact on most of us. He was the King of Pop. His music moved both young and old. I decided to listen to some of his earlier songs and especially those when he was a child, singing with his family – ‘The Jackson 5’ and felt tightness in my chest. Even though I was not an ardent fan, I can’t help myself from being drawn to music. Music is universal. I find it amazing that his music is still so fresh and inspiring. Most of his songs are unique and special.

Michael Jackson’s sudden death somewhat overshadowed the death of Actress Farrah Fawcett. Not that she was a lesser person but rather because MJ was so mammoth, that we can’t help but get fascinated with him. Somehow people were obsessed with him while he was alive and remain affected by his death.

It is slowly sinking in to me that we have lost a great talent. Michael Jackson’s death brought back memories of Princess Diana’s passing away. I was not able to do anything else other than sit in front of the television the whole day trying to get to terms with her death and trying desperately to hold on to the images of someone I had admired so much. I am sure many would be completely shaken and devastated by this heartbreaking news.

Even though we may not know these people personally, our hearts rush out to them and their families. This reminds me of the human family that Maya Angelou speaks about in her poem. We are ultimately bonded to each other, whether we like it or not and when someone else feels the pain and loss, it feels like our very own loss and pain.

I pray that he gets the rest and peace that he was desperately looking for in his life. He has given so much of himself to his music and promoted unity beyond the differences we see, in his songs. His legacy will live on.

May God give him the peace that he did not find while he was alive!

RIP Michael Jackson. We will miss you!