Beautiful Children

I have come across many children In my lifetime, but the first time I laid my eyes on Abhigya and Abhideya, thanks to technology through a you tube video, I fell in love with them. 💓

I am completely amazed by these two adorable super kids. Divine, innocent, full of life and energy. They are both blessed with very beautiful parents who give them the freedom to explore their talents and at the same time guide them .

Both Abhigya and Abhideya are home schooled. Both are truly blessed by the Divine Grace and we too are blessed to have come across them .. Purity of thoughts, words and action. God bless these two beautiful souls.

Nila Kaigirathu – A violin cover by Karthick Iyer

Happy New Year (2013 ) everyone. May this year bring us more clarity, hope, strength and energy to move forward. May we all be blessed by the Almighty with everything that is needed  to grow, prosper, succeed and flourish in our lives. May this year be a joyous and peaceful one !!!

I’ve been wanting to upload one of Karthik Iyer’s videos for sometime. Somehow due to some health issues and other things cropping up, have been unable to come to my blog. It’s been ages since I put up any post. Starting this new year with a video of Karthik Iyer’s violin cover – Nila Kaigirathu. Karthik you do rock.  I love your Charukesi, it is so soothing and peaceful….  May this year bring lots of success to you Karthik Iyer!  Wishing you all the best…