Thillana – Listening to Life Concert



In memory of Smt. Rajeshwari Padmanabhan

In memory of  Rajeshwari teacher.(1939-2008), daughter of Lakshmi Ammal and grand daughter of Karaikudi Subbarama Iyer (the elder of the Karaikudi Veena brothers), was a ninth generation descendent from the Karaikudi Veena tradition.

Nostalgic at this time of the year. Memories of Rajeshwari teacher and Kalakshetra keeps rushing through me…. It’s the fifth anniversary of the passing away of my teacher and Vainika Smt. Rajeshwari Padmanabhan. Her relaxed and meticulous style of playing the veena comes to my memory. She used to sing the sahityas along with the veena sometimes, matching the veena so perfectly that you were not really sure who was singing – the veena or she! A wonderful and gentle woman who will always remain in the hearts of those who came across her and who were blessed to have been in her presence.

Smt. Rajeswari Padmanabhan passed away on the 15 August 2008.

Nila Kaigirathu – A violin cover by Karthick Iyer

Happy New Year (2013 ) everyone. May this year bring us more clarity, hope, strength and energy to move forward. May we all be blessed by the Almighty with everything that is needed  to grow, prosper, succeed and flourish in our lives. May this year be a joyous and peaceful one !!!

I’ve been wanting to upload one of Karthik Iyer’s videos for sometime. Somehow due to some health issues and other things cropping up, have been unable to come to my blog. It’s been ages since I put up any post. Starting this new year with a video of Karthik Iyer’s violin cover – Nila Kaigirathu. Karthik you do rock.  I love your Charukesi, it is so soothing and peaceful….  May this year bring lots of success to you Karthik Iyer!  Wishing you all the best…


I am not an expert in commenting on dance. But came across this video when I was searching for the song Venkatachala Nilayam. Very beautifully sung by Vijay Prakash. Loved the opening scene which somehow captivated my attention. Sharing this  divine video. Vijay Prakash is an awesome singer, he produces such bhavam in his singing… The dance and dancer, Nirmala Madhava also complimented his singing. Overall I found this video divine….

The dance is enhanced by its innovative style of presentation. Found out that the  PAMPA Dance Academy has created stage history with a unique blend of tradition and sophisticated modern stage techniques. What makes this group distinctive is its ability to communicate effectively, by employing innovative audio visual craftsmanship blended with pure traditional art form.

“Kinara” and Moving on…..

So much has been happening.  Outside and inside of me. A time to pause once more. Another crossroad in my journey. We all come across many a times in this journey of life.. A time to contemplate. I know I can decide to fight or to let go. I want to let go. I know there is a lesson to be understood, to be learnt…. It takes lots of will power and letting go to finally understand what is happening.

When I stop struggling and fighting with that which is taking place, something starts to dawn. The immediate reaction, is to struggle.  But after a while, we give up. There are times you know you can’t win. Or so you think. But then this isn’t about winning or losing is it ? This is not a battle.

Somehow my mind perceives that, that which is not to it’s liking  as it’s opponent !   After all the struggle, which by the way is only in the mind.   Most of the time we think we are fighting something on the external.

But the truth is that our battles are always within the mind. It is all about the mind wanting to get things done in it’s own way. But the mind is also fickle. It’s decisions are not always right. I want to see the positive side. I recognize that I need to let go to move on….

How can I hold on to the railings and keep wanting to move on. Moving on requires me to let go …. Letting go of the past. Pain is when I want to hold on tight to that which I perceive as me and mine.. It is easier said then done. But I am open to the next step in my journey of life…

The journey does not stop. This is where I pause to go to the next step….The journey continues with renewed passion and new horizons. I walk slowly but knowing that I am not bound by time. Each step is going forward. I understand that not everything is constrained by time…. There are also some things which are timeless…


The Flute

The Flute ~  Mira Bai

The song of the flute, O sister, is madness.
I thought that nothing that was not God could hold me,
But hearing that sound, I lose mind and body,
My heart wholly caught in the net.
O flute, what were your vows, what is your practice?
What power sits by your side?
Even Mira’s Lord is trapped in your seven notes …..