Some people say: “In this big universe, you’re just a speck of dust.”
You may be a speck of dust, but oh, what a speck of dust.
In this speck of dust, the infinite and the finite are fused;
and you are the threshold of the two.
Here, the mortal being comes as close
as it possibly can to the immortal.
The same power that drives the universe breathes us.
We have been chosen to be the platform for life.

~ Prem Rawat


The Flight! – A Poem By Prem Rawat, Maharaji

I have felt the urge
The freedom surge,
Like you have.
Have you not the same fervor
To leap beyond
Feel the hover
To extend the wings
Feel the wind
Play harpstrings
Have you not imagined feeling free to feel and see?
I have in my dreams flown above the streams.
Higher that I could climb
I have reached, touched the Sublime.
Like a bird beneath its wings
Feel the winds´own ride.
I have just like you
Dreamt the dream
Savored the brew
And I have lifted my head in endless pride
Made freedom my bride.
Upon the throne meant for people just like you and me
I have commanded the soul.
I have Just like you,
Heard the heart pound true
My ears have rung with the message true
My heart uncontrolled have let out
My voice has quivered spoken aloud
I have heard again and again of the free space
Felt my heart race
I want the freedom bird within to rise above
And fly within
The greatest of the uncharted space
Infinite space savoured and slow pace.
Once again, I long
Long to hear the very song
Many a times I’ve heard before
That whisper within
For freedom bird to soar
Beat your wings
Push ahead in an unhurried pace
Until you have reached
The endless place.

Prem Rawat,Maharaji♥