“Kinara” and Moving on…..

So much has been happening.  Outside and inside of me. A time to pause once more. Another crossroad in my journey. We all come across many a times in this journey of life.. A time to contemplate. I know I can decide to fight or to let go. I want to let go. I know there is a lesson to be understood, to be learnt…. It takes lots of will power and letting go to finally understand what is happening.

When I stop struggling and fighting with that which is taking place, something starts to dawn. The immediate reaction, is to struggle.  But after a while, we give up. There are times you know you can’t win. Or so you think. But then this isn’t about winning or losing is it ? This is not a battle.

Somehow my mind perceives that, that which is not to it’s liking  as it’s opponent !   After all the struggle, which by the way is only in the mind.   Most of the time we think we are fighting something on the external.

But the truth is that our battles are always within the mind. It is all about the mind wanting to get things done in it’s own way. But the mind is also fickle. It’s decisions are not always right. I want to see the positive side. I recognize that I need to let go to move on….

How can I hold on to the railings and keep wanting to move on. Moving on requires me to let go …. Letting go of the past. Pain is when I want to hold on tight to that which I perceive as me and mine.. It is easier said then done. But I am open to the next step in my journey of life…

The journey does not stop. This is where I pause to go to the next step….The journey continues with renewed passion and new horizons. I walk slowly but knowing that I am not bound by time. Each step is going forward. I understand that not everything is constrained by time…. There are also some things which are timeless…


Aaj jaane ki zid na karo ~ Amazing Urdu Poetry……

Rohini Ravada and Shankar Tucker  ~  “Aaj Jaane ki Zid Na Karo”

Aaj jaane ki zid na karo 
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving
Yunhi pehlu mein bethey raho
Sit here close to me
Haaye mar jaayein ge 
I will die
Hum to lutt jaayein ge
I will be lost
Aisi baatein kiya na karo 
Don’t say such things
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo 
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving

Tumhi socho zara 
Just ponder for a second
kyu’n na rokein tumhey 
Why shouldn’t I stop you?
jaan jaati hai jab uth ke jaatey ho tum
When my life leaves every time you go
tum ko apni qasam jaan-e-jaa’n 
I swear to you, my love
baat itni meri maan lo 
Listen to my one request
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving

Waqt ki qaed mein zindagi hai magar 
Life is trapped in time’s prison but
chand gharriya’n yahi hain jo aazaad hain 
These are the few moments that are free
inko khho kar kaheen jaan-e-jaa\’n 
By losing them, my love
umr bhar na tarastey raho 
Don’t start a life of regret
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo 
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving

Kitna masoom aur rangeen hai yeh sama
How innocent and colorful is the weather
husn aur ishq ki aaj me\’raj hai
It is the reign of beauty and love
kal ki kis ko khabar jaan-e-jaa\’n 
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
rok lo aaj ki raat ko
Let’s stop this night right here
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo 
Tonight, don’t insist on leaving