Orajupu ~ Classical Fusion


Another pleasing fusion performed by Aathirai Sivapalan and Mukunthan Sivapalan…..¬†

Raagam: Kannadagowla


OrajUpu chUcEdi nyAyamA O ragUttamA nIvaNTi vAniki


nirajAkSa manu nI dAsulaku nI kETi vAvulu delpavE


mAna mincukaina nIku tOcalEka pO-yina vaina mEmi puNya rUpamA
dIna rakSaka shrta mAnava san-tAna gAnalOla tyAgarAjanuta

I am perturbed by your strange indirect sneering glance at me, Lord! Why this unwarranted disregard which ill-fits a Saviour of your eminence?

O Chief among the Raghus! O Lotus eyed! Please enlighten me on the relationship which existed formerly between you and your devotees so that you can judge for yourself if you have been acting consistently.

Are you not bound by a sense of honour and responsibility for those who rely on you solely? You are the personification of all spiritual merits. You are the only hope of the helpless and the destitute. O Refuge of the mankind! Oh lover of music!


Mokshamu Galada ~ Athirai Sivapalan

mOkshamu galadA bhuvilo
jeevanmukthulugAni vAralaku

sAkshAthkAra nee sadbhakthi
samgItha jnjAna vihinulaku

prANAnala samyOgamu valla
praNava nAdamu sapthasvaramulai baraga
vINA vAdana loludau Sivamano
vidha merugaru, thyAgarAja vinutha

Is salvation conferred on anyone in this world or is it attainable only to realised souls ?
Oh, Lord ! Is it possible for one having no deep devotion for you or one without any profound
knowledge in divine music to attain salvation ? Pranava or Omkara is generated from the
combination of Prana or vital force and Anala or the fire. It is from Pranava, the seven notes
of divine music emerge. Is salvation obtainable to those who are not able to perceive the mind
of Shiva who derives indescribable pleasure from listening to the divine music of Vina !