I am not an expert in commenting on dance. But came across this video when I was searching for the song Venkatachala Nilayam. Very beautifully sung by Vijay Prakash. Loved the opening scene which somehow captivated my attention. Sharing this ┬ádivine video. Vijay Prakash is an awesome singer, he produces such bhavam in his singing… The dance and dancer, Nirmala Madhava also complimented his singing. Overall I found this video divine….

The dance is enhanced by its innovative style of presentation. Found out that the  PAMPA Dance Academy has created stage history with a unique blend of tradition and sophisticated modern stage techniques. What makes this group distinctive is its ability to communicate effectively, by employing innovative audio visual craftsmanship blended with pure traditional art form.

Vijay Prakash – The Rising Star

Vijay Prakash

The singer with a tremendous voice. When my daughter showed me the video on youtube I was spellbound. My eyes were filled with tears of joy, watching this amazing boy singing with so much of bhaavam. He will reach many peaks of success with such a wonderful soothing voice. What a talent!