Rumi and Music

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.Rumi

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.Rumi

Upcoming musician Sruthi Balamurali. A very talented musician who plays various instruments. Veena, Violin, Flute and has a beautiful voice too… Love her cool and composed way of presenting her music.

Nila Kaigirathu – A violin cover by Karthick Iyer

Happy New Year (2013 ) everyone. May this year bring us more clarity, hope, strength and energy to move forward. May we all be blessed by the Almighty with everything that is needed  to grow, prosper, succeed and flourish in our lives. May this year be a joyous and peaceful one !!!

I’ve been wanting to upload one of Karthik Iyer’s videos for sometime. Somehow due to some health issues and other things cropping up, have been unable to come to my blog. It’s been ages since I put up any post. Starting this new year with a video of Karthik Iyer’s violin cover – Nila Kaigirathu. Karthik you do rock.  I love your Charukesi, it is so soothing and peaceful….  May this year bring lots of success to you Karthik Iyer!  Wishing you all the best…

L. Shankar – Raga Aberi Music Of The World, 1995 Abheri Album

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.  ~Ludwig van Beethoven

The South Indian violin virtuoso, L. Shankar, presents a dazzling rendition of a traditional rag in untraditional terms. He plays in a rhythm cycle of 6 3/4 , beats, difficult enough to maintain, let alone be as musically creative as these three ( Zakir Hussain & Vikku Vinayakram ). The energy is consistently high, and there are a lot of solos by each musician, as well as deftly coordinated unison passages.

How do you even come up  with words to describe something so soulful and indescribable as such music created by some of the geniuses of the world….

One such musician is L. Shankar the violinist. Words fail miserably in describing his music . Sometimes silence seems to be the only answer….

Indian Music Meets Western Classical – By: V.S. Narasimhan

Renowned Indian virtuoso violinist V.S. Narasimhan and the Madras String Quartet perform one of his arrangements, Mokshamu Galada . Mr. Narasimhan (trained in western and indian classical music) is the pioneer behind this remarkable new art form of arranging indian classical pieces for a western style quartet.