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Jayalakshmi varalakshmi

Jayalakshmi Varalakshmi is one of the most beautiful composition of Saint Thallapaaka Annamacharya on Goddess Lakshmi Devi. This famous Annamacharya keertana describes the gracious grandeur of Sri Mahalakshmi in her various forms such as Jaya Lakshmi, Vara Lakshmi, and Veera Laksmi. Jayalakshmi Varalakshmi Sangrama Veera Lakshmi devotional song is in ragam – Lalitha and Talam […]

Shafqat Amanat Ali ~ Khamaaj

  Soothing voice and music accompanying Sahfqat .  I call this music. Peaceful, calm and sublime.  Eases the tension away and brings in a feeling of  peace . 

L. Shankar – Raga Aberi Music Of The World, 1995 Abheri Album

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.  ~Ludwig van Beethoven The South Indian violin virtuoso, L. Shankar, presents a dazzling rendition of a traditional rag in untraditional terms. He plays in a rhythm cycle of 6 3/4 , beats, difficult enough to maintain, let alone be as musically creative as these […]

Mokshamu Galada ~ Athirai Sivapalan

pallavi mOkshamu galadA bhuvilo jeevanmukthulugAni vAralaku anupallavi sAkshAthkAra nee sadbhakthi samgItha jnjAna vihinulaku charaNam prANAnala samyOgamu valla praNava nAdamu sapthasvaramulai baraga vINA vAdana loludau Sivamano vidha merugaru, thyAgarAja vinutha Meaning: Is salvation conferred on anyone in this world or is it attainable only to realised souls ? Oh, Lord ! Is it possible for one […]

I Have Learned !

  I have learned… I came alone and I have to go alone…. I have learned… People are with you only when they need you, not otherwise…. I have learned… Extra care of anyone by you will ultimately bring a blame on you, not appreciation…. I have learned… A simple lie by your close one […]

Remebering Michael Jackson

Now that Michael Jackson is no more, I guess many people will be trying to come to terms with this news. Whether we like it or not, MJ would have made an impact on most of us. He was the King of Pop. His music moved both young and old. I decided to listen to […]