Jayalakshmi varalakshmi

Jayalakshmi Varalakshmi is one of the most beautiful composition of Saint Thallapaaka Annamacharya on Goddess Lakshmi Devi. This famous Annamacharya keertana describes the gracious grandeur of Sri Mahalakshmi in her various forms such as Jaya Lakshmi, Vara Lakshmi, and Veera Laksmi. Jayalakshmi Varalakshmi Sangrama Veera Lakshmi devotional song is in ragam – Lalitha and Talam – Adi.


Shafqat Amanat Ali ~ Khamaaj


Soothing voice and music accompanying Sahfqat .  I call this music. Peaceful, calm and sublime.  Eases the tension away and brings in a feeling of  peace . 

L. Shankar – Raga Aberi Music Of The World, 1995 Abheri Album

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.  ~Ludwig van Beethoven

The South Indian violin virtuoso, L. Shankar, presents a dazzling rendition of a traditional rag in untraditional terms. He plays in a rhythm cycle of 6 3/4 , beats, difficult enough to maintain, let alone be as musically creative as these three ( Zakir Hussain & Vikku Vinayakram ). The energy is consistently high, and there are a lot of solos by each musician, as well as deftly coordinated unison passages.

How do you even come up  with words to describe something so soulful and indescribable as such music created by some of the geniuses of the world….

One such musician is L. Shankar the violinist. Words fail miserably in describing his music . Sometimes silence seems to be the only answer….


Mokshamu Galada ~ Athirai Sivapalan

mOkshamu galadA bhuvilo
jeevanmukthulugAni vAralaku

sAkshAthkAra nee sadbhakthi
samgItha jnjAna vihinulaku

prANAnala samyOgamu valla
praNava nAdamu sapthasvaramulai baraga
vINA vAdana loludau Sivamano
vidha merugaru, thyAgarAja vinutha

Is salvation conferred on anyone in this world or is it attainable only to realised souls ?
Oh, Lord ! Is it possible for one having no deep devotion for you or one without any profound
knowledge in divine music to attain salvation ? Pranava or Omkara is generated from the
combination of Prana or vital force and Anala or the fire. It is from Pranava, the seven notes
of divine music emerge. Is salvation obtainable to those who are not able to perceive the mind
of Shiva who derives indescribable pleasure from listening to the divine music of Vina ! 




I Have Learned !


I have learned…
I came alone and I have to go alone….

I have learned…
People are with you only when they need you, not otherwise….

I have learned…
Extra care of anyone by you will ultimately bring a blame on you,
not appreciation….

I have learned…
A simple lie by your close one can break you more than anything….

I have learned…
Love yourself and love people but only
if you can do it without expecting anything from them….

~ author unknown

Remebering Michael Jackson

Now that Michael Jackson is no more, I guess many people will be trying to come to terms with this news. Whether we like it or not, MJ would have made an impact on most of us. He was the King of Pop. His music moved both young and old. I decided to listen to some of his earlier songs and especially those when he was a child, singing with his family – ‘The Jackson 5’ and felt tightness in my chest. Even though I was not an ardent fan, I can’t help myself from being drawn to music. Music is universal. I find it amazing that his music is still so fresh and inspiring. Most of his songs are unique and special.

Michael Jackson’s sudden death somewhat overshadowed the death of Actress Farrah Fawcett. Not that she was a lesser person but rather because MJ was so mammoth, that we can’t help but get fascinated with him. Somehow people were obsessed with him while he was alive and remain affected by his death.

It is slowly sinking in to me that we have lost a great talent. Michael Jackson’s death brought back memories of Princess Diana’s passing away. I was not able to do anything else other than sit in front of the television the whole day trying to get to terms with her death and trying desperately to hold on to the images of someone I had admired so much. I am sure many would be completely shaken and devastated by this heartbreaking news.

Even though we may not know these people personally, our hearts rush out to them and their families. This reminds me of the human family that Maya Angelou speaks about in her poem. We are ultimately bonded to each other, whether we like it or not and when someone else feels the pain and loss, it feels like our very own loss and pain.

I pray that he gets the rest and peace that he was desperately looking for in his life. He has given so much of himself to his music and promoted unity beyond the differences we see, in his songs. His legacy will live on.

May God give him the peace that he did not find while he was alive!

RIP Michael Jackson. We will miss you!