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Yes, It was worth it !

To forget the trivial….. To remember the most important, then … That day you begin to celebrate Existence ~ Prem Rawat Sometimes we go on in life, taking things for granted until something comes crashing down. I too have been completely distracted in the day to day happenings for quite some time now. ¬†Then to […]


I trust. I trust that whatever may happen , I trust that it happens for the good. I trust, I trust that whatever I lost, I trust that I lost it for my benefit. I trust, I trust that whatever I have gained, I trust that I have gained it for my betterment. I trust, […]


Spread your wings, and fly РFly in the winds of freedom. ©ekta25

Blogging and Me…..

Today is Wednesday, July 01, 2009. Another day, another new venture! No nothing too adventurous, but I have been blogging at blogspot since last year and find wordpress fascinating too. I told myself that I have to start with wordpress and ta da! Here I go. See, nothing dramatic! I decided to continue with my […]