Yes, It was worth it !

To forget the trivial…..
To remember the most important, then …
That day you begin to celebrate Existence ~ Prem Rawat

Sometimes we go on in life, taking things for granted until something comes crashing down. I too have been completely distracted in the day to day happenings for quite some time now.  Then to find someone close to you is unwell, shakes your very core.  Thoughts start rushing in, and I have been unable to rest peacefully worrying about their health and well being…..

But above all, my mind keeps going towards what I have been given.  Questions like, have I spent my time appreciating this  beautiful relationship, or was I busy finding faults with this person keeps haunting me. It is so easy to get lost. But to be conscious each day in this life of all the gifts is the real challenge. Appreciation is the key word.

How much do I appreciate and how much do I take for granted.  It is so easy to fall into the routine of  living in a dream like state, totally unconscious .  Then a slap sometimes is needed to halt us and make us open our eyes.


Writing too has become like that. What I was so passionate about a couple of years back has come to a standstill now. I say that my ink has dried up.  A mental block. A hurdle I find hard to cross over. An imaginary weakness which seems so difficult to be overcome. Each time I try to sit to write, I freeze and I go blank….

Have I become so laid back and complacent in all aspects of my life?

Then turning again to this relationship business.  An eyeopener, which I pray that will last for the rest of my life.  Understanding that we are all humans with flaws. Love will over power all shortcomings. We are here for a very limited time, and have been surrounded by such beautiful relationships . I want to appreciate, enjoy and be conscious of all that I have been given. There is so much richness and fullness in this. Having seen people who have always wanted to be alone, and how their lives became so lonely and wretched, I want my life to be otherwise.  Filled with laughter, joy, abundance and appreciation.  I want to look back and have no regrets, and to say, Yes it was worth it !


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I trust.
I trust that whatever may happen ,
I trust that it happens for the good.

I trust,
I trust that whatever I lost,
I trust that I lost it for my benefit.

I trust,
I trust that whatever I have gained,
I trust that I have gained it for my betterment.

I trust,
I trust that the pains that I have endured,
I trust that the pains were to learn my lessons of life.

I trust,
I trust that the joys that I have received,
I trust that the joys were for me to appreciate all the blessings I have.


Blogging and Me…..

Today is Wednesday, July 01, 2009.

Another day, another new venture! No nothing too adventurous, but I have been blogging at blogspot since last year and find wordpress fascinating too. I told myself that I have to start with wordpress and ta da! Here I go.

See, nothing dramatic! I decided to continue with my blog at and also want to maintain this wordpress.

My first posting – “Journey of Life” is taken from my other blog. I find people the most interesting of all creations.  We are all unique in our own ways. Each one of us has our strengths and weaknesses. I guess I have been trying for many years to find my strength.

I thought music was my strength, but now I am coming to discover that I do enjoy writing too. Yes, I remember wanting to be a writer as a child. No…. I am no professional writer, but bloging actually gives me an opportunity to try my hands at some writing and experimenting.

After all these years, I think I have found my niche. But of course, music is irresistible to my heart. Who does not get stirred by music? Carnatic Music is my number one passion and having learnt it for a couple of years, it will always remain closest to my heart.

I do feel frustrated at times that I was not able to continue with my music, but with the environment around me and having a family and to raise 2 kids, while living isolated from any good music teachers, I found that I had to give up continuing on formal lessons.

Though I do not officially learn music anymore, the internet has given me such an opportunity to still keep in touch with the ocean of music and her musicians.

In fact, I have come to understand that I have to accept that there are some things in life that we can’t actually maneuver or work out. Fate or destiny does have its place in this passage of life.