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Nila Kaigirathu – A violin cover by Karthick Iyer

Happy New Year (2013 ) everyone. May this year bring us more clarity, hope, strength and energy to move forward. May we all be blessed by the Almighty with everything that is needed  to grow, prosper, succeed and flourish in our lives. May this year be a joyous and peaceful one !!! I’ve been wanting […]

Vidya Vandana – Shankar Tucker ~ Aasai Mugam

Aasai Mugam by  Shankar, Vidya and Vandana . It is a beautiful composition by Mahakavi Bharathiyar. Vidya and Vandana are definitely capable of coming up with much more.  Of course many others have also popularized this song.  Below is Gurucharan with pianist Anil Srinivasan… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjZf32wN3GY

“O Re Piya / Rolling in the Deep” – Shankar Tucker

“O Re Piya ~ Rolling in the Deep” Shankar Tucker ft. Rohan Kymal, Brendan Susens-Jackson

Tere Bin Main in HD – Richa, Bombay Jayshri & Others

  A romantic ballad created for all hearts that have loved and felt the pain of separation. Composed by Lesle Lewis, with lyrics by Pinky Poonawala.  This song brings Richa Sharma, Bombay Jayashri, Ustad Rashid Khan, Raghu Dixit, Parthiv Gohil, Divya and Lesle Lewis, together to perform exclusively for Coke Studio @ MTV. Music conceived […]

Orajupu ~ Classical Fusion

  Another pleasing fusion performed by Aathirai Sivapalan and Mukunthan Sivapalan…..  Raagam: Kannadagowla Pallavi OrajUpu chUcEdi nyAyamA O ragUttamA nIvaNTi vAniki (Ora) Anupallavi nirajAkSa manu nI dAsulaku nI kETi vAvulu delpavE (Ora) CaraNam mAna mincukaina nIku tOcalEka pO-yina vaina mEmi puNya rUpamA dIna rakSaka shrta mAnava san-tAna gAnalOla tyAgarAjanuta (Ora) Meaning: I am perturbed by your […]

Paluke Bangaramayena ~ Bombay Jayashri

Nice  attempt by the team of musicians. Paluke Bangara, a very popular Carnatic composition from 17th century by Saint Bhadrachala Ramadas, where he pleads Rama to come and save him. Sung by Bombay Jayashri (supported by Richa Sharma) for Coke Studio @ MTV. Music conceived and created by Lesle Lewis

Mokshamu Galada ~ Athirai Sivapalan

pallavi mOkshamu galadA bhuvilo jeevanmukthulugAni vAralaku anupallavi sAkshAthkAra nee sadbhakthi samgItha jnjAna vihinulaku charaNam prANAnala samyOgamu valla praNava nAdamu sapthasvaramulai baraga vINA vAdana loludau Sivamano vidha merugaru, thyAgarAja vinutha Meaning: Is salvation conferred on anyone in this world or is it attainable only to realised souls ? Oh, Lord ! Is it possible for one […]