Reality !

Rivers flow enjoying their journey through smooth and rough terrains. Waterfalls exhibit themselves in their glorious beauty. Lakes remain peaceful and calm. The ocean captures our attention in it’s splendorous form.

Yet the essence is the same. They all come from the same source. We project them as different, failing to recognize the similarity in nature. Human tendency is to perceive everything as different entities.

In our deeest ignorance we want everything to fall into the same box of our concept. In fulfilling that process, we work relentlessly to change, distort and create an identical image of everything. Not recognising the fact that the river, the waterfall, the lake and the Oceon are admired and enjoyed by man due to their individuality and uniqueness.

Water is the ingredient in such varied forms. Why should you accept what I believe in? Why should you feel and think like me ? In our absolute ignorance, we want others to love, feel, think and believe the same way.

Only when we can go beyond our small and unenlightened minds can we break out from the prison of ignorance.. Then we understand that they are all simply the same water in its glory and beauty playing it’s very own significant and unique role in this vast universe. Then we come to understand that we are the same One in different forms. We need to accept and respect each and every thing in the creation.🧡


Greatest Wonder

And what is the greatest wonder?

“Each day, death strikes and we live as though we were immortal. This is what is the greatest wonder in this world “. ~ Mahabharata

ஆச்சிரியம் (Tamil) आश्चर्य (Hindi)

The Cage…….

The bird sits alone in this beautiful cage,

made of gold and silver and adorned,

with the most precious of all gems…


Delicacies are fed and music  played,

loving words are whispered in its ears,

many come to see and admire her beauty….


Lost in all the pomp and glory ,

the bird begins to enjoy the comfort and attention,

hours go by into days and days into years….


Somewhere deep within a longing begins,

a gentle longing of wanting to stretch,

a longing to fly and feel the wind  ….


Gently she tries to stretch her wings.

and remembers her freedom days,

flying alone with no care in the world…


The longing gets intense and stronger,

and the ache gets more painful,

but a thought comes overpowering….


She is but  just a  little bird,

housed in this beautiful cage,

and all she could do is to go on wishing ……


One day the door is left opened,

and excitedly she comes out quickly,

stretches her  wings to fly…..


she tried to flap her wings,

and takes a few steps,

but feels  herself fall back…..


her wings have been clipped !


walks  back into the cage

with a heavy heart,

and looks beyond at the sky,


a drop of tear falls from her eyes….

All Alone

It is Christmas day…..

I feel all alone. Though I am surrounded by so many who love me and claim to love me, deep down there is a vacuum. Somehow their words sound hollow. They do not seem to touch my innermost core.

Looking around, I find everyone,  quite lost in their own little worlds. Each person is a selfish creature including me! I find the whole human kind akin to animals. We either hunt or are being hunted! Yes, absolutely true.

It may sound shocking but  human nature is so very close to  animals that we see. I always avoid watching animal planet or the discovery channel, when they have these documentaries about animals. They always put a fear in me, watching the stronger animals going after the weaker ones.

But sadly, we too are the same. When we find someone who is weaker or think that they are lesser than us, we have the tendency to bully and intimidate them. It happens from the top to the bottom. It happens in all ages, with all age groups.

Suddenly, I realize that I have only myself.  I have to become clear that I came alone and when I leave, I will leave alone too…… Though I may imagine and hallucinate that there are millions around me,  I exist alone.

It can be scary, but it looks like it is a process of acceptance.  A process of coming to terms with this reality. The words of my teacher soothes me…..

“No matter how confused you may feel
clarity is always
within you”


Prem Rawat