The Seeds of Peace

“If you’re not spending any time to sow the seeds of peace in your life—and you wonder, “Why don’t I have peace,” well, that’s because you never sowed any seeds.” — Prem Rawat “

“Lockdown” – 5th April 2020

Lighting of the diya or lamp
“May All be Happy, May All be Free from Illness, May All See what is Auspicious, May no one Suffer”

Many many years of my married life have been spent mostly alone. Due to the nature of his work, my husband hardly spent any time with the family. I had to manage and cope with everything by myself all these years. The children were totally under my care and we hardly spent time as a family. Though it was painful and difficult, we learned to cope with our predicament.

There were many times, when we had felt the acute absence of my husband and for them their father, who had been working all his life from 9 to 10 or 11 pm. I made it a point to making sure that he was not disturbed when the children were young. So he was in a way pampered , but we understood that he needed the rest and we made sure that he got the little rest he could get. It came to a point where I had to go out with the children for almost all of our outings without their father.

It took this “Lockdown” to keep him home finally. It’s really quite a new experience to see him at home. I have been amazed to see him come and ask me what I am cooking and how I am cooking the dishes. . This comes as a total surprise to the children when I tell them that their pappa is sitting and peeling onions. 😀 It is a wonderful time to connect with my husband . I see him appreciate and communicate with me more.. We listen to music and some inspirational talks together while cooking.

Today in India, Millions joined PM Modi’s ‘9pm-9min’ call to light lamps to show solidarity in the fight against Covid-19. Lamps were lit, torches were switched on and mobile lights were flashed from the balconies by the people who answered the call given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We too as Malaysians, joined to light the diyas or lamps to show our solidarity to fight this battle against Covid-19. Many Indians all over the world too took part in this exercise of solidarity.

Many people especially Indians who hate Modi the PM, were making fun and started to belittle Modi’s method of dealing with Covid -19. . They made memes of India under Modi chasing the Coronavirus with lights. On the other hand, I see this as an inspiration to the people of India. Millions are locked up in their homes. Some will only be only living in small cubicles. They are living huddled up together feeling alone. Many elderly people will be feeling depressed under such circumstances under lock down. Young children will be stuck in their homes, unable to play outside and feeling frustrations which will be felt all around in their families. The others will be stressed out trying to balance the whole family unit. There is this fear of what the future is going to bring. Finance, family, health and so many other things will be in jeopardy. No one expected this shock. No one knows what the future holds.

I see this lighting of the lamps as a gesture of goodwill. I see it as a hope for the people who otherwise have been enclosed in their homes. People came out into their balconies and holding those lamps or candles, saw that there were millions and millions of people joining them and sharing the same experience. Everyone stood in solidarity and that gave a renewed hope and strength to the people. Everyone went inside feeling elevated and jubilant. A change would have taken place in the hearts of those who took part. People would have gone to bed in a happier mood feeling hopeful and energized .

It’s funny that some people are not able to comprehend the magnitude of this small action. If we could simply think or feel without any prejudice, we can see an amazing light and hope in our lives. Breaking free from hatred, anger, prejudice and negativity is a lifelong effort. But as with everything else, practice is what it takes. Nothing beats practice. Practicing negative thoughts, makes us ultra pessimistic. Practice of positive thoughts, words and deeds makes us joyful, hopeful and at the same time we are able to share that energy with all those who come in contact with us. The keyword is “Practice” . Have a good day ! 😀

“Lockdown” – 29th March 2020

Boy draws with a brush an abstract big light bulb. Concept of innovation and creativity

“With the 2019 coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it’s especially important to understand that no supplement, diet, or other lifestyle modification other than social distancing and proper hygiene practices can protect you from COVID-19”.

Sunday. It has been the same everyday for the past couple of days. But the difference is I am learning so much. Each day is a learning process. I hate to go out into the sun. Usually rush in before it gets too hot. But now , I understand that I need my daily dosage of Vitamin D. The best source being sunlight. Watering the plants and doing some gardening daily gives me access to that. Enjoying the time I get to spend out in my small garden, looking at the plants and taking care of them under the sun, covers both my health and my work or hobby for some people.

There are some who complain that sitting at home is boring. But I find so much pleasure finding new things to do. I always enjoyed cooking. But at times, it can be more of a routine. But now, I find myself enjoying trying out new dishes with limited resources. I have also been guilty of using a little too much of things in my cooking. Some could say , wastage perhaps… 😒 Well now, I need to find ways to use less stuff, but come up with different dishes and actually it is fun. Conscious cooking . We never know when things may run out. So I need to be extra careful in what I use not neglecting the nutritious , healthy and tasty food that I love to eat . Serving, watching those around you enjoy the food you cook is a pleasure.

There are so many things we can do around the house. Those who work from home too can take a break and come and help their mothers or wives to cut the vegetables or clean the house or do some gardening to have a change of activity. Others who are free can go online and learn so many things.

Thanks to technology we can learn things from Tai Chi, to Yoga to learning to sew to play chess . It can go on and on. Spending time with our pets. Reading, writing, stretching, breathing exercises so on and so forth.

But beyond all these, this time can be used to be spent with the loved ones around us. Haven’t we been neglecting to spend time or do some little things for our family? Maybe give a small massage for our parents or husband or wife. Sit and talk with them. Share some beautiful memories with them. Play with the kids. Talk to them instead of admonishing them all the time. Allow them to cook with you or help you to fold the clothes or do the gardening. They will enjoy the activity and at the same time get to spend time with us.

Both of my children are away. We call each other daily over whatsapp. Make video calls to see each other and ask about the day and remind each other of keeping ourselves safe. Just be in the moment and enjoy the little moments one by one. Share love and care for each other. Breathe deeply. Be happy and safe. 🙂


Everything else grabs our attention, when the breath comes abundantly.
Everything else loses it’s priority, when the breath becomes scarce.
Then that which matters finally will only be the breath itself.


Real freedom is not when I free myself from external forces, but when I free myself from the clutches of my mind .


Getting in touch within

It is not about fixing things around us.

It is about getting in touch with the peace within us.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that it is the other way around. All our lives we have been taught that to solve our problems, we have to focus on getting things right on the outside. We think that things will be perfect when we start to fix things around us. We fail to realize that most of the time as we clear up something, something else gets messed up.

We presume that everything will work out fine so long as we we keep solving our problems around us. But somehow each time we fix something, another thing pops up waiting to be fixed or solved.

Each time we fill one pothole, another pothole crops up. Each time we are satisfied that we have achieved something, another desire or goal arises to be fulfilled. Each time we think we have got what we had wanted, there is one more thing that we want.

When I get in touch with the peace within me, things change miraculously !  Everything may or may not remain the same on the outside. But my feelings, my perspective, my state of mind takes a complete U turn…  I no longer feel the frustration, anger and sadness that I had felt before.

The magic lies in this simple turning of my consciousness from the outside to the inside, even for a short period of time constantly … When I get in touch with that peace within me, it also embraces me in it’s arms. I too take on the shade of the colour of peace and clarity …

Real freedom is not when I free myself from external forces, but when I free myself from the clutches of my mind .

Then I can deal with the problems around me, not coming from a place of confusion, anger and frustration but  from a place of peace, clarity and tranquillity.



Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances.You just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone’s hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, fall in love and smile until your face hurts.Don’t be afraid to take chances and most of all, live in the moment! ♥


The seven principles of Huna


These are the Seven Spiritual Principles which create the core philosophy of Hawaiian Huna.

As the world attempted to eradicate the teachings of ancient cultures of Native peoples around the globe, Hawai’i’s wisdom was hidden in the chants of the Ancient Ones and the Hulahula (Hula dances).

They beautifully and simply describe who you are and what is possible for you. These are some of the most ancient teachings on the planet.