The amazing Vidya and Vandana Iyer sisters …

Fell in love with this rendition by Vidhya and Vandana  and  can’t help but keep listening to this song again and again …..

This classical South-Indian composition was sung by the amazing sister duo Vidya Iyer and Vandana Iyer. The Raga is Darbari Kannada.

Song: Nee Nenaindal
Composer: Periasamy Thooran
Raagam: Darbari Kannada
Performers: Shankar Tucker featuring Vidya & Vandana Iyer

Nee nenaindal agadadu undo
Nirajadala nayani mahalaksmi 


Manida vazhkkaiyile inba tunbam
Mari mari varuvadum un seyal andro


Ella perumaigalum irundalum adu
Unnadi vanangnmal nilai perumo 

Unnarul parvai illadavarkku

Ulagile vazha vazhiedu amma 

70 Replies to “The amazing Vidya and Vandana Iyer sisters …”

  1. Hi IYER SISTERS i heard your songs in FACEBOOK first i even dnt knw wch language it is but your voices are amazing no one stop listening this song once i myself got addicted to your voices till i didnt had any music taste at all but for the first time i became fan of you both love you both for the sweet voices which you have been gifted by god for one day i heard this song atleast for 50 times not only this even your NENI NAINDAL i dont know whether you consider this mail or not but i am abig fan of you from today though am an telugu speaking person

  2. Chanceless voice & the face expression of the singers…very superb..waiting for more songs from vidhya vandhana Iyer..As i hear this song,feel very cool..becomes a tension free man…

  3. Hi iyers i came out from my tears after hearing nee ninaithal song……
    simply no words from me….. i asked as much of my friends to hear ur songs.
    i expect more from u…..

  4. Both of you have great blessings of god. May god give you more and more melody in you voice. Hearing your songs make me feel that maa Saraswati is singing through you. Thanks to the almighty who gave such a wonderful voice to you.

  5. i dont even know these language… i am a north indian(hindi)………but the song is so good and melodious that …..i had heard it a 100 times
    simply great voice
    best duet ever heard
    munbe va
    ashai mugam
    both are a masterpiece
    looking forward for more from them
    simply amazing

  6. saw the video first on MTV roots, couldnt help searching for it on the net…!!!
    Its purely addictive…!!!
    and all those ppl who have shared their feelings after listening to these songs,well, even I feel the same…!!!
    waiting desperately for their next song…!!!
    Madly in love with these sisters…!!!

  7. Well, I am a Sri Lankan and came acorss your Munbe Va by a pure accident. Till then I have had not heard of Shankar Tucker or Iyes Sisters. But I always loved those meditative music and classics of the 70s, mainly the English. But I immediately fell in love with this song, not that I undersand a single word of it, but the pure simplicity, glamour and theraputic voices of Vidya and Vandana and of course the haunting music, the clarinet in particular, of Shankar. I have heard this song so many times and would definitely be listeining many more times. This has already become a life long favourite song of mine along with Nights in White Satin, Vincent, Scarborough Fair Canticle etc etc etc.. Thanks you Shankar, Vidya and Vandana for this wonderful pieces of music ( at least your rendering) which would have soothed many a hearts, already.

  8. really a healing touch to a paining heart………thanQ dear sisters
    may God bless and guide u in ur life
    awaiting to hear more songs from u both
    with love,

  9. don’t know who is vidya or vandana but i love………. der songs and i love to hear more songs sang by them. Aap pe hamare dil agaya
    love u……..

  10. Shankar Tucker’s skills in playing instruments + Iyer sisters voice and expresseions = godly feelings cannot expressed by words..
    Pls come up with more songs.. God bless..

  11. really superb..,soothing voices of the sisters accompanied by shankar’s melodious clarinet music…. god bless u all . let more such haunting melodious flow from u all..

  12. v v sisters……………iam listernar of music……..but this was amazing………

    keep it up and we need more good songs from u……..vv


  13. even don’t know a single words meaning or what lang is this but Voice and Music simply goes right in the heart and i couldn’t resist myself for listening vidya and vandana iyer .
    awaiting to hear more songs from u both.
    May Lord bless and cherish thee

  14. Hey ! Idon’t know which language this is…..!!! But still i love this song too much……!!!
    This song has caught my heart…………..:)

  15. Hai this is Pandian,

    I am very luck to listen your voices. Its amazing and Thanks to god.

    It is being proud to Tamil annai.

  16. Hi Iyer Sisters,
    Iam not a song listner But Ur songs are so so amazing and iam so addicted to listening . U both are so blessed ,plz give us more song 🙂

  17. wow really beautiful sngs i am a slave in ur of luck and pls sing a song movies ur r having a bright feauture

  18. hai shanker tucker you very creative man . When I hear the music I am just listen. but when I hear lyer sisters song I’m really enjoyed it. seriously I’m addicted to your songs

  19. I love carnatic music – These 2 sisters sing like angels ..Vidya is wellknown unlike her sister Vandana. I wonder why…?

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